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Hockey Skates!?

okay, i am in the market for a new pair of hockey skates. ive narrowed it down to the pump 5s by reebok, ccm vector 130zgs, or maybe the easton synergy 1500cs, im a pretty good skater, but my last skates (bauer xxxs) sucked, and i had heard some amazing things about them. anybody who can chip in, i appreciate it, and if you know any other skates that are good, please let me know!!

Hockey Skates!?
I would recommend the Easton Snyergys.

They are bakable, have great support and can take some good wear and tear.

I have RBK 7 pumps (roller hockey) now, and I would not recommend the pumps to anyone, including the ice ones.

Good luck!

I have Bauer Ice Skates, but I only coach and ref Ice hockey now so I have not updated my skates in a few years, but I am buying my kids skates all the time.
Reply:It wouldn%26#039;t matter what anyone here suggests, they have to be right for you. Go for a fitting and plan to spend some serious time in a bunch of different brands and makes. See what feels right for you.

Also, you should see if any pro shop in your area does custom work on skate fittings, it can make all of the difference in the world. So too can the right size. Off of the shelf are generally D width, you may not be
Reply:Easton Synergy%26#039;s might be alright. Mission%26#039;s hold up good and are usually perty tough.

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Best entry-level speed skates/boots (ice & inline) for beginners?

Hey guys,

I wanna get into inline speed skating AND short track speed skating (ice). Obviously, since I%26#039;m a beginner, inline has to come first before I try ice. I%26#039;ve skated (...okay, not really -- I was mostly on my butt) inline before and loved it, so I%26#039;m pretty sure I%26#039;d enjoy ST, too. I%26#039;ve heard that certain boots allow you to change from wheels to ice blades -- is this true? I really can%26#039;t afford to buy two different types of skates at this point, so having boots like that would be perfect. So with said, what are the best entry-level (hopefully changeable) speed skates/boots for a beginner? Thanks a bunch.

Best entry-level speed skates/boots (ice %26amp; inline) for beginners?
The standard mounting for ice blades is 6.5%26quot; (165mm).

It used to be the standard for inline race frames. Unfortunately, it puts the screw in a bad place for 4x100mm wheels and the skate makers have been moving to 195mm spacing or replacing the second wheel with a 90mm wheel to allow space for the mounting screw.

If you are buying an inline skate with the plan to swap to an ice blade later, you should look at the mount spacing on the skate.

If you buy an ice boot and then add the blade and inline frame, you will have a reduced set of frames available but Bont even makes an adapter to mount 195mm frames onto 165mm boots.

The inexpensive way might be to buy a complete inline skate that has the proper mounting length. It is cheaper to find completly set up skates than buying the pieces.

Rollerblade and K2 both make intro racing skates but I don%26#039;t know the mounting distance.

Bont makes intro inline racing skates (they are primarily more advanced skates) but they use a new 3 point (between each wheel for 100 mm frames) mounting system that I doubt will be useful for ice blades.

They also make entry level to full custom ice boots with the proper spacing for ice blades (and some inline frames).

Lugino (aka PowerSlide) makes entry level boots with either spacing.

The important thing is to find one or more shops in your area that sell them. Racing boots are less forgiving of wrong shape or size than recreation/fitness boots. A knowledgable shop can heat mold racing boots to fit your feet.

I recommend finding other inline or ice racers in your area to find out who sells the skates. Some of the better shops may be an enthusiast working out of their house. You may not find them in the phone book but the people in the sport will know about them.

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Figure skates?

Im in entry level and i want skates that i can use in entry and intermmediate level. I want to buy skates on internet, because i dont live in the U.S. Want good and non-expensive skates like maybe 50$ or 70$?? Thank you=D

Figure skates?
you should get them from thats where i got mine and im on the pre pre level. but keep in mind your gonna have to get some custom skates soon. i%26#039;m getting some for my 13th bday.

for the more expensive, but much needed and better quality skates:

you should look at their reccomendation chart for boots and blades

good luck with your skating! (p.s. i love figure skating but i hate the cold, isn%26#039;t that weird?)
Reply:good skates are going to be a bit more expensive than that. but i dont know, i once got a pair for $30. they werent great, but they worked well enough for beginner level. i bought them on %26quot;; just search %26quot;figure skates%26quot; and possibly your size as well that should get you some decent deals. but again, skates arent cheap, so you have to decide whether you want good and more expensive, or good enough and cheap. hope i helped!!!!
Reply:A good brand of skate that will get you from beginning lessons up to beginning jumps and spins would be Riedell ( They have a chart you can check for their suggested boot/blade models for your skill level. You can order Riedells online many places, but if it%26#039;s possibly, get properly fitted by someone with experience. Skates do not run true to shoe size. I%26#039;d hate to see you order them and have them not fit! Get your size/width and an idea of what you%26#039;re looking for and hit the internet. You%26#039;d probably want something from the ribbon or medallion series. Remember though, if you get skates that are intended for a much higher level, you may have a hard time breaking them in. Jacksons are also another good beginning brand. Once you find a good boot/blade set recommendation, also check eBay. There you can find used skates a little cheaper. Sometimes, but not often, you can find better quality skates at used sporting goods stores. Usually they have the type of skates that are only made for a few laps around the rink a year, but every once in awhile, you can find decent used freestyle skates at a steal! I was in the market for new blades and happened upon some at one of those stores. They were on a nice Harlick boot and were hardly used. Normally the boot and blade together would be about $800.....I got the set for $54 and the blades just-so-happened to be my size. :) Good luck!
Reply:There are not a lot of places where you can buy cheap skates. If you are looking for cheaper skates that are still good to use try looking in a donation store like Goodwill ( in United states) or look in ice rinks and see if they are having any skate sales.
Reply:places like ***** and target sell ice skates. They may not be the best but they are cheap and work for beginners

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Ice Skating??? I need Skates help!!!?

hi! I%26#039;ve just started ice skating and i live in Scotland ,UK where can i find good ice hockey skates under £50??? plz help thanx!!!

Ice Skating??? I need Skates help!!!?
umm well i went i suggest you use your closest store :( Too bad I don%26#039;t live in Scotland
Reply:I would suggest going to your local ice skating pro shop so you can be sized and they can help you select a skate that fits your price range and ability. Good luck!
Reply:google. You live in Scotland awesome. i want to go there so much and see the place.

hockey skates usually run alittle higher then 50$. google. it and you can see which skate you like better/

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Foot pain in hockey skates?

when ever i am skating either inline and ice i have sharp pains on the outside of my feet. i tie the skates semi tight but still movable. after about 10-15 minutes i cant skate anymore and have to take the skates off.

i am thinking of buying new skates to solve this problem but i dont know if it will be the answer

Foot pain in hockey skates?
You may have wide feet. I would go to a warehouse for only hockey (no sports authority) and have some of the veterans check out your feet and size you up. If possible have them heat molded for the best fit. If the problem still happens then i would see a foot doctor.
Reply:sometimes its just ur skates to small if ur toes r touching the front confortably there the right size if there smushed then there to small. when my skates get to small my feet hurt n i get new skates.
Reply:Try buying new insoles and wearing thinner socks first. It sounds like the skates are getting a bit too narrow. New skates would make the problem go away, but only if they%26#039;re the right size and width.

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ICE Skates near mesa, arizona?

hey, i want to know if there is an ice skate shop near, Mesa, AZ...cuz im going there for x-mas n i want to buy a pair of ice skates...and there a public ice skating rink?

ICE Skates near mesa, arizona?
I%26#039;m not sure about skating shops, but sometimes rinks have skating shops built into them.

I went to USFS%26#039;s website and searched for rinks under a Mesa, AZ zip code of 85201 (I googled it). Here%26#039;s what I got:

1) Within 10 miles:

Desert Ice SC Of Arizona

% Michelle Miller

7225 W Harrison Street

Chandler, AZ 85226

(This is probably not the rink%26#039;s address but the address of the club officer. . .google the name of the club to find a potential rink)

2) Within 15 miles:

Coyotes SC of Arizona

% Anne Curzon

7519 N 9th Place

Phoenix, AZ 85020


Website at:

3) 26 miles away

SC of Phoenix

% Andrea Palos

13602 N 82nd Avenue

Peoria, AZ 85381


Website at:

Those are the 3 closest to Mesa, AZ that I could find. If you want to search for yourself, go to, click the link to clubs and type in the zip code of the place you%26#039;ll be at.

Note that these are only USFS member clubs and might not represent all of the rinks in that area. There might be rinks that only do ISI or some other form of level. Checking a phone book might also yield more results than I found.
Reply:Apparently there are no rinks %26quot;in%26quot; Mesa, but there are a few in the surrounding areas. Most of these rinks have pro shops at the rink.

Ozzie Ice

10436 N 32nd St

Phoenix, AZ 85028

(602) 493-4667

Here at they say there are public sessions and a proshop, but the website states they are a hockey training facility, so I would call this one to get more info.

Oceanside Ice Arena

1520 N Mcclintock Dr

Tempe, AZ 85281

(480) 941-0944

(pro shop info on website)

Alltell Ice Den

9375 E Bell Rd

Scottsdale, AZ 85260

(480) 585-7465

(proshop info on website)

Polar Ice Chandler

7225 W Harrison St

Chandler, AZ 85226

(480) 598-9400

(proshop info on website)

Arcadia Ice Arena

Desert Palms Power Center

3853 E. Thomas Rd.

Phoenix, AZ 85018


Rink locators:
Reply:Try looking on a map or asking people at your skate rink.

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Roller Skates?

I have gone to a local skating rink every weekend for the past 4 months. And every time, I come home with blisters in the same exact spot. I have size 13 feet, so I wear 13 skates. Is there a way to prevent the blisters? Like extra socks or something? When I am at the rink I like to go really fast....almost constantly. I%26#039;ll bet that%26#039;s it isn%26#039;t it? Also, I would like to purchase speed skates. Anyone know a good site I can order them in size 13?

Roller Skates?
find on